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There's tons of places to go in Mount Vernon (and nearby Old Town and DC), like the following Hot Spots:
Taco Grande
Kimchi House
Body Shop
Mansion House
Mount Vernon
The Grist Mill
Study Spots

Firebird Guide: Mount Vernon

WARNING: THIS IS NOT YOUR PARENT'S TOUR GUIDE. May contain: video content, hot spots, and other tomfoolery not suitable for those over the age of fifty.

Welcome to Mount Vernon. We have the pleasure of being situated in an area where there's a ton going on... if you can find it. Finding these activities becomes even harder if you don't know where to start (e.g. if you're new to the area). This website is intended as a guide to the fun side of the ancestral home of a bunch of old, dead guys for those who just got here, but anyone can use the suggestions on this page!.

Why is this called a Firebird Guide? The legend of the firebird shows a creature cut down to nothing, starting anew. This is what we do when we move away from home. We leave our friends and our old home behind, and seek a new life someplace else.

Also, if you'll pardon the pun, I, Firebird, am here to show you a hot time, whether that be at Chipotle, in one of our many pools, sightseeing, or going in for some spa treatment.

How to use this site: Each page will have:

  • A video, in which yours truly will show you how awesome the hot spot is.
  • A typed out summary of what I said, with dangerous amounts of personal opinion and attitude (Like I said, this is not suitable for those over fifty. But I'm sure you can handle it.)
  • A price count
  • A map showing you where the site is located
  • The address and phone number of the site

So, let's get started!

Put something here... maybe pictures of the area or something?